Microsoft Office365 Backup

Back up your office365 data
Mail, Contacts, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

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Why backup Office 365?

It is very important to know Microsoft's shared responsibility model, in order to have a real knowledge of the responsibilities of each party, and to avoid problems in the future in the event of an incident. These responsibilities will vary depending on the type of service contracted. In the case of Microsoft 365 solutions, they are through the SaaS model. 

Microsoft does not provide backup and recovery services in Office 365. Data and files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint are not backed up. Microsoft does not provide support in the event of data loss. If a service interruption, human error, or cyber-attack results in the loss of data stored in Office 365, Microsoft will not provide support, because the responsibility for the data lies with the user.

Main features

Office 365 email backup

Back up and restore entire Outlook accounts, including mailboxes, shared mailboxes, calendars and contacts.

OneDrive backup

Back up and restore everything stored on OneDrive or select specific files and folders.

Office 365 SharePoint backup

Back up and restore Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint data

Retention policies

Data is protected at rest with 256-bit AES encryption and while in transit with SSL encryption.

Data encryption

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Granular Recovery

Search and retrieve individual files, folders or emails.

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Backup with control of IT equipment

office365 backup

Nubephant Backup for MS Office 365 is designed for cloud-to-cloud backup and restore of your Office 365 accounts, including Outlook mailboxes, calendars and contacts, as well as OneDrive backup.